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Angelica Privalihina

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I think the creative work of an artist Angelica Privalihina is worth making critics to take up the pen more than once. Her works are based on antiquity, Greek mythology and show steady and purposeful interest to history, which is a rare phenomenon among modern artists. Such approach to art demands serious intellectual work, erudition and good imagination. Creating the whole series of works on different themes she deals with subjects which are close to her. As she says, only in this way, depth and methodicalness of problem research are reached, and similar scrupulousness and analyticity in art are not less important than in science.

Really, any work of the artist is always interesting philosophical research. Her works also contain reflections on the true meaning of life, observation of historical destinies and traditions of people living a lot of centuries ago. She refers to myths of Ancient Greece, antique legends, bible plots, masterpieces of poetry and shows us people of the past world through sensuous images created by her. We also understand another thing: telling us about the past the artist shares her thoughts about the future, ideal harmony and perfection of the world. Angelica Privalihina is in constant search of new plots, images, composition decisions. She works in various genres and techniques. She constantly experiments and still continues to surprise us with her extraordinary perception of the world.

Irina Obraztsova,
Member of the Union of journalists of Russia and
the International Association of journalists


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